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And yes, as every year, we trust our two festival partners in France.

First of all, we renew our partnership with the flamenco festival of Rivesaltes planned by Lorenzo Ruiz and his association Amor Flamenco. The festival takes place at the end of August from 17 to 22 August 2020. Programming has not yet begun but last year’s program included artists such as Juan Campallo, Juana Amaya, Ivan Vargas, La Lupi, El Carpeta,… Enough to make us wait until the 2020 program.

We are also renewing our partnership with the Dance Contest of Valence, better known as the Valencia Movida. A dance competition is held each year in front of a jury of great artists. Last year Alba Heredia was part of the jury!

The competition is open to all and is done with live musicians or soundtracks in a superb theater in Valencia. The first prize of the competition is a show in tablaos in Granada and Malaga with a week-long preparation with a great dancer.

You can find all the information about these two partners on their respective sites:

Amor Flamenco: https://www.amorflamenco.fr

The Movida: https://lamovida-valence.fr

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